Unique Kids Bedroom

Project Completed July 2013

Unique Kids Bedroom


This family wanted something unique and special for the bedroom of their two boys.

We converted a space that was originally a sitting area into a bedroom for both boys.

Here’s a couple of before and after photos.


IMG_1386  The original office/seating area.


They did not want anything overtly ‘boyish’ and wanted to go with something in gentle, soothing colors that would match the decor of their home.


We decided on a nature theme wall art that would encourage their imagination to run wild (no pun intended!)


The colors are soft and neutral on one side… IMG_2957   The new boys room. IMG_6096

On one wall we commissioned a gorgeous wall painting to provide a beautiful and warm backdrop to the bedroom and make it totally unique.

With a few new furniture and decorative pieces it all came together beautifully.

The result was two very happy toddlers marveling at the birds, trees, bunnies and ‘bambies’ in their room!