Moroccan Influenced Fusion Decor

Moroccan Influenced Decor

These particular clients are globe trotters and wanted their home to reflect their love of Morocco, Spain, Portugal and the Far East.

They also wanted the overall design to remain within the boundaries of ‘classic’ and not lean too much into the contemporary look.

The clients requested a warm and inviting color scheme reminiscent of the Moroccan interiors they had seen on their travels.

Yes, what a fusion!

They were also extremely charming and the best kind of clients to work for…they just left it all up to me and went on a round the world trip in the meantime!

Their only request was that they fall in love with the results…and they totally did!

They were so wowed and so happy with the results that they asked me to do their second home.

This project involved completely gutting the existing house and laying new heated terracotta floors, paint, new furniture and lighting, curtains and decoration items…pretty much everything new from top to bottom!

Incorporating antique architectural pieces like the old Indian door in the hall and adding hand painted details to the closet doors gave very unique touches to the home.
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