Very Hip Retreat Design

Yoga Lounge Retreat

This was a great project to work on. I absolutely loved the entire process of taking an empty, (and very sandy) lot and transforming it into a very hip yoga retreat center, complete with smoothie bar and restaurant.

The location is gorgeous, close to the beaches of Tarifa, southern Spain…a relaxed, healthy and happy-go-lucky atmosphere.

I sourced and designed most of the exterior concepts in Bali and India and then sent two containers full of beautiful items that made this space into a magical destination where people could stretch into that warrior pose… and then relax with a piƱa colada!

I designed the thatch and bamboo huts for the yoga classes and also the individual sitting huts in Bali.

All the custom designed textiles, pillows and cushions are from Bali as well, and the antique teak tables, doors and stone statues are from India.

This project took a few months as we had to build all the exterior low walls for the sitting area and define separate areas for the huts, the eating and relaxing areas, the two story central bar, and the yoga class pavilion…

Traveling to India and Bali to design all the concepts for the exterior as well as all of the details such as textiles, lighting, glassware, cutlery, yoga mats and many many more decorative features and details was integral to this project as the clients wanted a fresh and exotic look.

Outdoor Design With a Balinese twist

Outdoor lounge area.

lnterior Design and Exterior Design for Retreat Center

Antique teak tables from Bali and custom cushions and glasses

Interior Design and Exterior Design for Retreat Center

Antique Indian doors and custom benches from arquitectural pieces.


Custom outdoor sink from antique stone piece

Design Project for Retreat Center

Custom bathrooms from handmade tiles, antique stone piece sink and tile flooring.

Design Project for Retreat Center

Exterior design of the lounge area.

Design Project for Retreat Center

Balinese hut for yoga and meditation.

Design Project for Retreat Center

Balinese two story hut for outdoor bar area.