East Nashville Revival

Project Completed May 2016

East Nashville Revival

Another 1920’s beauty! After we did our magic on it, anyways.

This house was definitely a good contender for a tear-down, but I decided to work with what we had and turn it around to become the gorgeous home it is now.

Here is a photo of the before…the outside was really not so bad…lots of rotten wood, metal fencing, old windows and 4 layers of nasty old roofing!

IMG_5982 The inside on the other hand, was awful!

It had not been lived in for years and it was also a very odd layout of 3 tiny bedrooms, a kitchen at the back of the house and everything falling apart!



IMG_5969 IMG_5005


IMG_5968 This was, like most of the other projects that we tackle, a complete to the studs remodel.

I love taking something old and turning it into something new and beautiful!

We basically took off everything in the house, including all the interior walls and ceilings, in order to run completely new electrical and plumbing system and insulate it properly.

We also took the ceilings from 9ft to 12ft- gorgeous!

Absolutely everything in the house is now new, the only thing original that remains is the exterior.

We also installed new privacy fencing around the entire home and a super cute picket fencing in the front yard.



The original design had the kitchen way at the end of the home with bedrooms in between. It had 3 very small bedrooms with virtually no closet space.

We turnedĀ it into a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom home with lots of closet space and huge bathrooms. The master bedroom has a walk in closet that is basically a small room, and a gorgeous en-suite bathroom.

We designed new space to have a frontĀ open concept space living/dining area with kitchen, separated by a three-way fireplace gave the entire place a more functional feel and look.

It also warmed up the entire room in under five minutes while looking cozy and very elegant. The 8ft windows let in lots of light and gave added drama to the design.




12 10 7 23 32 This is the second bedroom, which can also be used as a sunny office space…we left the original brick stove wall for added character.

31 The guest bathroom has a spa-like feel, with a huge shower and a separate walk-in laundry area.

35 34 The master bedroom is now at the back of the home, where the old kitchen used to be. The ceilings there are even higher than the rest of the house and it makes for a beautiful dramatic space.

25 26 The walk-in closet is perfect, tons of room and a window to bring in natural lighting…to see all your shoes better! And the master bathroom has a closet and lots of vanity space…natural lighting and soothing color combinations.

27 28


One more home converted into a happy place to live!

One more Nashville neighborhood improved and beautified!