1920’s Cottage to Modern Style

From 1920's Cottage to Modern Style

This project is situated in the hot area of East Nashville. This area has been rapidly changing over the last decade, but especially in the last five years. Lots of artsy, young professionals, hipsters, musicians and all kinds of interesting new people and new businesses are making this part of town a real cool place to live.

The project was a 1920’s condemned cottage of 1200 ft 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms…it was pretty nasty to say the least. The floors were so uneven it gave me a sense of vertigo to stand in one side of a room and look towards the other side. It had been abandoned for a few years and needed LOTS of love!

I completely gutted the entire house and all interior walls, added a second story, beefed up the foundation, made a pop-out wall in the kitchen, closed the interior access to the basement and much much more. IMG_4656 IMG_4659

The original siding to the house was metal. I used Hardee Board for the new siding material, which is very strong and extremely durable.


The inside of the house was a typical 1920’s design, very choppy small bedrooms with virtually no closet or storage space anywhere. The bathrooms were a stinky disaster!

Here’s a before and after of the front entrance to the house.

IMG_4677 8

I opened up the entire first floor of the house to make it open concept.

The original house had three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor, with a tiny separate dining room leading to a kitchen.

Here’s a view of the original living/dining space leading to the kitchen and the new open concept design.





A wall of Tennessee sourced vintage wood pannels made a great design accent to the dining area.


We took it to two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor, as well as added a second floor with a third bedroom and third bathroom plus a huge bonus room. Lots of height and skylights made it feel expansive and light.

The master bedroom was originally a 10×10 small room with barely a closet…the new design included a 14×21 bedroom with a 3×10 walk in closet and an ensuite master bathroom.

IMG_4701 IMG_4684 20 19 22

The Kitchen matched the rest of the house–a complete disaster! Here we took the entire side wall off and made a pop-out area with a four foot window to let the light in, as well as added a french glass door to the backyard and built a huge 12×20 deck for backyard bbq’s and summer dining.

IMG_4717 IMG_4720 15 16 39 IMG_4671 41

In the new layout the second downstairs bedroom and bathroom were in the back, off a hall to the side of the kitchen for added privacy.

IMG_4692 29 26

We made a nice big 6 foot closet and also left an alcove space for a desk and possible office use.

The window in the bathroom was not necessary so we took it out and made the bathroom bigger.

IMG_4705 28

Adding a second floor to the house was fun, it totally changed the feel (and of course size) of the home.

IMG_5613 31 32

A massive bonus room, a third bedroom with a big closet and third bathroom with lots of light everywhere.

There’s even a skylight in the bathroom!

34 36

What a transformation, this home was basically turned into a brand new home. All the plumbing, electrical, hvac, windows, flooring, and basically all aspects of the home are new.

Happy home, happy new home-owners!